CACC Yearbook

CACC maintains lists of volunteer judges and speakers. These are shown in the CACC Yearbook issued to all Clubs each September. The CACC Yearbook is also distributed to the CACC Committee, and to all those who choose to be listed as a CACC Judge or Lecturer.

Clubs should ensure that their copies of the Yearbook are distributed to:

  • The Secretary (assumed responsible for Club correspondence with CACC)
  • The Programme Secretary (assumed responsible for booking speakers)
  • The External Competitions Secretary (assumed responsible for inter-Club events)

Where a Club chooses to split any of these functions, then extra copies of the Yearbook are available from the CACC Secretary.

The CACC Yearbook is copyright and confidential to member Clubs. No part of the Yearbook may be reproduced in any form (especially not included on a Club website), or used for the distribution of marketing information.

PAGB Handbook

PAGB publishes its Handbook every other year. The current edition (2022/23) was published in January 2022.

CACC is responsible for the initial local distribution: one copy for each Club, one copy for each CACC Committee member and one copy for each of those listed in the PAGB Handbook as a CACC Judge or Lecturer.

CACC does have some spare copies. Otherwise Affiliated Clubs may purchase additional copies direct from PAGB.