Recruiting New Judges & Lecturers

The CACC maintains a list of judges and another of lecturers for the use of all member clubs. It is important that we add new names to the list to keep as many people available to program secretaries as possible.

Please contact your club chairman, anyone on the CACC committee or me for more information.
Damon Guy. 01494 529055 / 07721 527964
netkonnexion (at)


We have an induction process to coach and introduce new people, through judging workshops and support schemes. This is designed to help volunteers into the rewarding role of camera club judging, and so keep our camera club competitions refreshed with new judges.

Being a camera club judge does not mean going out 3 or 4 nights a week in all weather and seasons. Most judges go out when it is convenient, and that could be once a fortnight. It’s entirely up to you whether you accept or decline an invitation to judge.

Our induction comprises two Sunday afternoon workshops (dates depending on demand), in the Amersham Community Centre from 1pm till 4:30pm. You must attend both workshops. There are instructional presentations about the skills required, and how to go about developing these skills. The presentation material will be available as a hand-out. You will practise judging a sample set of prints (and projected at the second workshop), getting feedback and constructive appraisal. There will also be general discussions and Q & A. The whole event is aimed at providing an enjoyable learning process, and to give you confidence to go out into the field.

We advise all clubs of the new judges who have become available. We help with “mentoring” support, so that you have a “friend” in the audience for the first few times. After you have been a judge for a year you are listed as a new judge in the CACC Year Book. Then after a few years and depending on feedback from you and from clubs, you move on to the full listing.


We are always interested to hear from anyone willing to join our list of lecturers.