PAGB Insurance


Photographic Alliance Insurance

Insurance Broker

The PAGB has negotiated policies via its broker, Darwin Clayton. All policies’ documentation are available via the Darwin Clayton page. Information about the broker is also in the PAGB Handbook.

Management Protection

The PAGB Management Protection insurance is paid for and held by the Alliance and covers the Alliance, PAGB member Federation committees, and PAGB affiliated Club committees. The policy covers committees for decisions taken in the course of their business.

Public Liability

The PAGB Public Liability insurance is available to PAGB affiliated Clubs annually from 1st February. Premiums are requested with the CACC annual subscription sent to Club Treasurers. From 2015, the only cover recommended and available is for £5M. Premiums are banded according to the number of members in the Club. The number of members must be that declared in the CACC Yearbook: changes in-year are ignored.
In order that any claims can be verified, Clubs are required to retain a record of their programme of events for a period of at least 3, and preferably 5, years.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance may be needed if Clubs own their premises. Clubs which rent premises should check that their hirer has adequate cover. Clubs requiring this insurance should contact the broker directly.

Club Equipment Insurance

Clubs may insure their own equipment and other assets. Clubs requiring this insurance should contact the broker directly.

Club Member’s Insurance

Club members can insure their own photographic equipment, but their Club must agree to liaise with the broker
on their behalf, and then collect and transmit the premiums.
NOTE: Anyone earning more than a small proportion of their total income from photography may be considered to be professional and any published premium rates do not apply. Discussion with the broker would be required to ensure cover is not denied in the event of a claim.

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