PAGB Insurance


Photographic Alliance Insurance


PAGB and CACC are no longer permitted to recommend any particular insurer, to make insurance arrangements for Clubs, or to collect and transmit insurance premiums.

The PAGB has worked for many years with its own broker, Darwin Clayton, to develop policies in the following categories which are relevant for the PAGB, its Federations, their member Clubs and individual Club members. Information about the PAGB negotiated insurance policies is available HERE.

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance is considered essential for all Clubs to protect members and visitors. Clubs can use any insurer. Cover of £5M is suggested.

CACC will require confirmation of Public Liability cover. A Club’s venue hirer may require sight of a current policy.

Management Protection

Management Protection insurance was introduced by the PAGB a few years ago. The insurance is paid for and held by the Alliance and covers the PAGB Executive, member Federation committees, and affiliated Club committees. The policy covers committees for decisions taken in the course of their business. Continuation of this overall policy is under discussion.

Club Equipment

Clubs may choose to insure their own equipment and other assets.

Club Member’s Equipment

Club members may choose to insure their own photographic equipment separately from their house contents policy.

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