PAGB Awards

Photographic Alliance Awards

Awards are available to Clubs members who have supported their Club for the requisite time, and who then pass an assessment. The CACC Awards Officer is Gillian Morgan. Contact: gcmorgan (at)

Information is available in the following documents:

How to Apply (Edition, August 2016)
Application Form (Edition, April 2017)
Approval Guidance for Club Chairman/Secretary (Edition, June 2015)
And in a series of leaflets available from the PAGB.

The levels are:

Credit (CPAGB); Distinction (DPAGB); and Master (MPAGB)

Work for assessment may be submitted as:

Still Images: These can be Prints or Projected but not a mix. You will upload your entry to the PAGB on-line system, using digital file copies of your Prints or digital files for Projected. Prints are delivered to the assessment session.  
Audio Visual:

Applying / Attending:

The assessment sessions move around the country, and you may apply for any session. You are also welcome to attend and observe one of the assessment days. Tickets are on sale from the local host organiser shortly before each event.
Still Images: Assessment sessions are held twice each year. The target is that nobody should wait for more than a year. There may be additional catch-up sessions to clear any backlog of applications.
Audio Visual: Assessment sessions are held depending on demand. It is likely that there will be a session in 2018. Anyone interested should apply as soon as possible.

  • PAGB Awards Entries

    The November session is now full. Bookings are open for the April 2018 session in Lancashire. Anyone interested must first complete documentation via the CACC Awards Officer.

  • PAGB Awards Officer

    The Committee is pleased to announce that Gillian Morgan of Amersham PS has accepted the role of PAGB Awards Officer and has joined the Committee. Gillian replaces Steve Smith.

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