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If you would like to publicise information about a special event taking place in your Club, or to announce a particular success, please send the details using the contact form.

  • PAGB Results

    GB Trophy (Nature Prints) 2017: Julia Wainwright (Harrow), Bronze Medal. Carrie Eva (Watford), Bronze Medal.

    GB Cup (Nature Projected) 2018: Paul Hayman (Maidenhead), Silver Medal.

    InterFederation (Nature Projected) 2018. Dave Martin (Harrow), Silver Medal.

  • Chilterns Imagez Exhibition

    The Exhibition has been moved from January (judging in December) to May (judging in April). Information HERE.

  • FIAP Successes 2018

    Congratulations to:  Yin Wong, Amersham PS, EFIAP/p; Don Lanstone, Amersham PS, EFIAP; Paul Morgan, Maidenhead CC, AFIAP. And, Colin Harrison, Cheltenham CC, EFIAP/d2.

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