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  • Membership Management

    Witney PG has reported that it successfully uses ‘membermojo’ to manage its club membership. The system can manage subscriptions and allows members to update their own profile. Note that there are many other membership management systems available and CACC does not endorse any particular product.

  • FIAP Successes 2018

    Congratulations to:  Yin Wong, Amersham PS, EFIAP/p; Don Lanstone, Amersham PS, EFIAP; Paul Morgan, Maidenhead CC, AFIAP. And, Colin Harrison, Cheltenham CC, EFIAP/d2.

  • PAGB Print Championship, 2018

    At the Print Championship in October, Amersham was 4th in the Plate, and Field End was 11th. Nigel Cox (Amersham) was awarded a Silver Medal.

  • PAGB Results

    GB Cup (Nature Projected) 2018: Paul Hayman (Maidenhead), Silver Medal.

    InterFederation (Nature Projected) 2018. Dave Martin (Harrow), Silver Medal.

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