PAGB Awards Workshop

PAGB Awards Workshop

There will be a ‘PAGB Funded’ Awards Workshop on Sunday May 13th 2018, at Lacey Green.

The Workshop is for anyone considering entering for an Award (Credit, Distinction or Masters), especially when CACC hosts the assessments in November 2019. There will also be spaces for those wishing to observe, but not bringing work for advice.

The Advisors will be: Rod Wheelans MPAGB (Chairman of the Awards), Anne Greiner MPAGB, Richard Speirs DPAGB (Event Co-ordinator of the Awards), Gordon Jenkins APAGB (PAGB President), Don Byatt MPAGB and Chris Palmer DPAGB.

Bookings now OPEN. At 15/1/2018, there were:

  • ZERO places for advice.
  • SIX places for the advice waiting list.

All attendance must be booked in advance. Before booking, you must read the following information guidance, and undertake to comply where relevant.


I have read the documents listed above and agree to the booking conditions

I would like to book for Advice (Waiting List only)

I can offer to act as the contact for other bookings in a car-share

Answer this question: ... And ...

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