Chilterns Hundred Downloads

Download a Chilterns Hundred Exhibition


  • Up to 2014, The Chilterns Hundred Exhibition was issued to Clubs on CD.
  • Starting 2014, the current and some previous Chilterns Hundred Exhibitions are available to Clubs via downloading from here.
  • A Club may request a CD for an individual Exhibition. Cost £3.
  • A Club may request a DVD with the complete set of Exhibitions starting 2008. Cost £5.


Download Procedure:

  • Click on the link to start the download.
  • When requested, type the account ‘cacc50′ and the password as shown in the current CACC Yearbook (Speakers’ page).
  • On completion, save the download if that is not done automatically by your browser.
  • Extract the zip file to a location of your choice.
  • You can burn the multi-file set of data files to a CD, but it must not be distributed.

Running the Exhibition:

  • Browse to where you see the content of all the data files.
  • Open the ‘begin.htm’ file.
  • A CD copy may Autorun on insertion. Otherwise, open the ‘begin.htm’ file.
  • Note: The image display requires a browser which permits full-screen mode. Some browsers will not put the slide show into full-screen automatically. When this happens, check your browser procedure to enter/exit full-screen mode. Eg, Google Chrome uses ‘F11’.

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